Sandinista front wins the Nicaraguan elections

The Supreme Electoral Council of Nicaragua (CSE) certified this Monday the triumph of the candidate for the Sandinista Front Alliance (FSLN), Daniel Ortega, for which he will continue in office for the fourth consecutive term, this time until 2027.

With 97.74 percent of the boards counted (2,704,705 votes), the binomial led by the current president Daniel Ortega and the vice president, Rosario Murillo obtained 75.92 percent of the votes, in a vote where 65.23 percent of the electoral roll.

The Alianza Frente Sandinista party was seconded by the Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC), which obtained 382,739 votes (14.15 percent) and, in third place, the Nicaraguan Christian Way was placed with 89,311 votes (3.30 percent).

In the department of Managua, with 752,848 valid votes, the FSLN won 552,750 votes; the PLC with 116,383 and the CCN with 27,810 suffrages. While in Matagalpa, the second department according to the number of valid votes (249,393), the FSLN won with 188,873 votes; the PLC seconded it with 35,761 and the CCN followed it with 8421.

These elections have shown that the majority of the Nicaraguan people continue to trust President Daniel Ortega after four presidential terms and multiple destabilizing attempts perpetrated against him.