Jaffna Central Old boys

Pls see amended programs for Old Boys Week from 09th of March to 20th of March. [ we have received lots of proposals and act from that]
Kind regards
N Thamil
** Norway is happy to support all the cost, if we all can put few Volley ball Teams play on evenings, and if anyone can organize Basket Ball also. We are happy to accommodate
[ Flood Light]****

Amended Programme for the Bicentenary Celebrations and Big Match -2016
10/3/2016 Thurs
9.30 Planned to open College entrance Arch
10.00am to 6.00pm – Battle of the North -BIG MATCH: DAY -1
7.00pm – Jaffna OBA hosting a dinner for all executive committee members of [UK, Australia, France, Norway, Canada and Colombo.]
All the OBA’s pls let us know how many of you attend on this evening

11/3/2016 Fri
10.00m to 6.00pm – Battle of the North -BIG MATCH: DAY -2
12/3/2016 Sat
10.00m to 6.00pm – Battle of the North -BIG MATCH: DAY -3
7.00pm – Central Nite at Tilko City Hotel
The board of Jaffna OBA kindly invite all our old boys to take part in the event and make use of this chance to meet your contemporaries.
13/3/2016 Sun Shymalan Cup [Anu,Ravi,Thamo]
6: 9:00am to 12:00PM 15 overs a side = 30 overs = 2.30 hours
Shyamalan Cup Award (Guest of Honor K.M.Shanthikumar and R.Nagulaswaran)
Central (Over 40) Vs St-Jones (over 40)
Central Team
1 Dr.Ethirveerasingham
4 V.Shivakumar
5. Prabaharan
7.Thomo Shivakumar
8 Sasiharan Eastham
9 Karalasigam (NJ-USA)
10 K.Balendran(Norway)
11 B.Nimalan
12 S.B.Premachandran
13 T.Raviraj
14.S.J Raveendrakumar
15. G.Anurudran
Lunch Break
Sunday 13th March 2016:
1:00PM to 5:00PM (4 hours)- 1H:30min before Super Singer program start time 6:30PM.
E.S.Thambiah Memorial Trophy Day 1 [Canada=Ravi, UK=Paul, Rest of the world= Thamo Shivakumar, SL= Kethees ]
Group A – Match 1A – 10 overs
Group B – Match2A – 10 overs
Group A – Match 1B – 10 overs
Group B – Match 2B– 10 overs
6.00pm – Musical show at Veerasingam hall. {Aust OLD BOYS }
Sunday 14th March 2016: E.S.Thambiah Memorial Trophy Day 2
10:00AM to 12:00noon
Group A/B Looser – Match2A – 10 overs- 3rd place
Group A/B – Looser Match 2B– 10 overs-3rdplace

Lunch 2 hours 12:00 Noon to 2PM (avoid heat)
2:00PM to 4:30PM
Group A/B Winner – Match 1A – 15 overs-Finals
Group A/B – Winner Match 1B – 15 overs-Final

Presentation: 30mins 4:30PM to 5:00PM
Parade by sportsmen(Cricketers /Football /Athletes /Hockey /Basketball), Prefects and Scouts : 1hour- 5PM to 6PM
Fireworks:30mins(after dark)

SL team who wants to play pls contact Mr Ketheesan on 077 394 6501
15/03/2016 Tues
10.00am to 1.00pm – OBA’s meeting with the school management.
1.00pm – OBA’s lunch with management and school staff [LOBA]
Venue: Green Grass Hotel
16/3/2016 Wed

2.00pm – Excursion – Thalsevana holiday resort. {Whoever wants to participate let me know pls, need to tell the numbers}

17/3/2016 Thurs Free [Suggestions are welcome]
18/3/2016 Fri

10.00am – Visiting old boys meeting with A/L union and Prefects.
10.00am – Launching of Education Care Trust.
19/3/2016 Sat 50 overs match
20/3/2016 Sun Old boys match – Jaffna Central Old boys VS St. John’s Old Boys
We are always happy to hear of new ideas and suggestions and looking forward to see you all
*** If any Centralites need Train Ticket, Bus Booking, Accommodation, Central Nite, Super Singer & Match Day Special Marquee Reservation Let me or JOBA President Thamil know ASAP.***
Thanx & Hope to see you all.
****** Cost per Head ******
1] A/C Train 1500 Rs
2] Central Nite 1500 Rs
3] Super Singer Rs 5000,2000, 1000
4] Match Day Special 2000 Rs per day, 5000 Rs all 3 days.
[ Plenty of Water]
[ morming welcome drink + snacks]
[ Lunch at Tilko ]
Day 1 — Rice (white/Red), Chicken,Dhal,Potato, 2 veggies & Ice Cream
Day 2 — Rice (white/Red), Fish,Dhal,Potato, 2 veggies & Ice Cream
Day 3 — Rice (white/Red), Chicken,Dhal,Potato, 2 veggies & Ice Cream
[ Afternoon Tea + snacks]
Transport from Ground to Tilko Hotel