Request for Flood Relief Assistance to Sri Lanka

The High Commission of Sri Lanka in Ottawa, Canada wishes to draw the urgent attention of all Sri Lankan expatriate community and well-wishers to the recent disaster in Sri Lanka due to the severe floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall during the past few days.  As a result, around 500,000 people have been affected at the moment. Please visit the Disaster Management Center (DMC) website: for regular situation updates.

The Ministry of Disaster Management is soliciting urgent material and financial assistance to provide immediate relief services to the affected population.

Material Assistance:

The Ministry of Disaster Management has identified the following materials are urgently required for providing immediate relief.

Items Quantity
Bed Sheets                              8,300
Blanket                              1,500
Folding Mattress                              6,100
Generators                                   75
Gum Boots                              1,250
Life Jackets                                 500
Mats                              9,150
Mobile Toilets                                 100
Mosquito Net                              3,200
Pillows                              1,500
Rain Coats                                 500
Tarpaulin                              7,000
Tent                              5,000
Torch                              1,750
Towels’                              6,300
Umbrellas                                 500
Candle Boxes                              2,200
Match-Box                              2,000
Flash Lights                                 600
Soap                           20,000
Sanitary kits (boxes)                              8,000
Tooth Paste                              9,000
Tooth Brush                              9,000
Samon Tin                           10,000
Milk Packets                              7,500
Cooking Pots (large)                                 300
Water Pumps                                 250
Plates                              8,000
Diapers                              5,000
School Bags                              9,000
Water Bottles (5L)                           20,000


The Sri Lankan expatriates and well-wishers wishing to make material donations are kindly requested to bear the airfreight/shipment and other related charges. The consignment should only be addressed to the following;

The Secretary,

Ministry of Disaster Management

120/2, Vidya Mawatha,

Colombo 07

Sri Lanka



Financial Assistance:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombo has put in place a comprehensive mechanism to provide urgent relief assistance to those affected. The High Commission has been authorized to accept donations in cash for this purpose since it will help to purchase most of the urgent relief items locally in Sri Lanka and rush such items immediately to the affected areas.

Financial contributions could be directed to this High Commission by sending a cheque/bank draft drawn in favour of the “High Commission of Sri Lanka”.

Sri Lankan expatriates wishing to make donations through bank transfer/direct deposit are kindly requested to deposit them in the following official bank account of the Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa.

Name of the Account: High Commission of Sri Lanka

Account No                : 00006 – 77-02914

Name of the Bank     : CIBC

Bank Branch              : Sparks Street, Ottawa

Donors are requested to state the following message in respect of their bank transfers/deposits: “Donations for Flood Relief in Sri Lanka”.

The donors are also requested to fax or email a copy of the Bank transfer/deposit Receipt to the following Fax No./email address of the Sri Lanka High Commission along with their names, addresses and contact numbers.

Fax No.: (613) 238-8448  / E-Mail:

Every financial contribution will be acknowledged by the High Commission with an official government of Sri Lanka receipt and the financial contributions will be transferred to the General Deposit Account (GDA) of the Government of Sri Lanka, which will eventually be utilized by the Ministry of Disaster Management for immediate relief assistance measures.

For further inquiries please contact the undermentioned officer of the Sri Lanka High Commission.

Mr. Dilan Perera, Attaché, Sri Lanka High Commission

Direct telephone No. 613 234 4875

Gen. Telephone No:  613 233 8449 , Email:




High Commission of Sri Lanka



29th May 2017





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